About Us


“It’s morning here on SGI. The sunlight is soft, the house is quiet, my coffee is strong. Our plan for the day is to have no plan at all, to naturally follow the ebb and flow of the island. Maybe my wife, kids, and I will search for sand dollars on the shore, or go into town for a catch-of-the-day lunch. Maybe both. Maybe neither. I smile at the pure pleasure of such blissful choices. We’re here on vacation, and I can’t help but recall my own childhood summers spent on beaches up and down the east coast, with windblown hair, sandy toes, easy laughter. This pristine island’s unhurried pace and unfussy style offers carefree contrast to modern living. My family and I are so fond of SGI, it’s like our second home, and I founded SGI Threads as a way for me—for all of us—to access this island, this feeling, on a daily basis. Every well-made, well-fitting piece of our apparel evokes comfy, breathable beach style with subtle, surprising details and work-to-weekend versatility, turning your closet into a never-ending vacation. Through our curated collection of vintage-inspired classics, SGI Threads offers the effortless ease and timeless character of an island lifestyle. Because every day is your day in the sun.”

—Stephen Hull, SGI Threads Lost-and-Founder, Summer 2018